Tfw when no pregnant and bruised black-and-blue teenage wife to parade around as evidence of my manliness and domestic abusiveness


Hebephebophilic rapecel
Sep 4, 2018
Oh well. In the meantime, do we have any porn out there of a pregnant woman getting smacked around by her unborn kid's dad? That would be pretty hot.

Sometimes I feel like I just wanna get a teenage girl and kinda bully and torture her a bit, but if she got all cute and girly and pleaded for me to stop, I might. But then I might wanna see her squeal in pain too; I would enjoy seeing her happy and loving toward me, and joyful to see me whenever I came near, but I would also enjoy making her afraid of me. I want a nice mix.

And I wanna make her feel a conflict in emotions, where she's afraid of me and I'm mean to her and bring her worst fears upon her, and then I fuck her, which is this very intimate act that's often associated with love, and that women often try to use to control a relationship; but she's having to do it with someone who just did something cruel to her, and hasn't even asked forgiveness or anything, and in fact reserves the right to keep doing it, and maybe is still being cruel to her during sex too, pinching her breasts and stuff and making her cry out in pain; hurting her more than she wants to be hurt or can tolerate.

And I want to be both her only source not only of pain but of pleasure; I want to be the guy too who is her only comforter, the one she depends on for all of her emotional support. So when I'm done torturing her, I can tell her, "I'm going to be nice now," and then I can be sweet and she'll have to forgive me immediately if she wants to enjoy those good moments with me, and maybe I'll make her hope that I'll never be mean to her again. And then I can control her, and say, "I'm thinking of being mean to you, but if you x, maybe I won't be" or something. I just wanna be like a total arbitrary tyrant, but always with the potential that I could one day stop toying with her if I wanted to; but who knows what it'll be my whim to do; it's probably best to just give her intermittent reinforcement.

When I was a kid, I used to have a cat I was that way toward. I would beat up on it and abuse it sometimes, and other times I would be nice to it, and I saw how it went back and forth between trusting me and not trusting me. I would build up its trust and then betray it, and just keep cycling back and forth like that and see if it would ever learn, and how long it would take to gain its trust and then lose it again.

I want some girl I can use as my lab rat like that, and do psychological experiments on her into the effects of kindness and cruelty and having absolute power over a chick like that. So femoids, what % of men do you think couldn't be trusted with absolute power over a femoid

I wanna be like those Nazi doctors who used to perform experiments on Jewesses, but I don't want to actually cause her any permanent damage, expect maybe to mark her as my territory; and I wanna have the sexual component too.
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