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Aug 9, 2018
On incels.is cucking

What’s the point of being indirect and subtle? Why not be honest with our goals? Why minimize and negate your own feelings and wants?

Do incels.is think they’ll be accepted by the very same normies who have rejected them their entire life? Do they think normies will like them even though they’ve shown them nothing but hatred?

Do they think normies who brush off inceldom actually know what inceldom is like? Do normies know what it’s like to be the victim of society as much as fellow incels? How often do they waste our time trying to relate to us, only to enjoy what we want so badly afterwards?

Since when has capitulation worked? Would one recommend a male to submit to a feminist’s wishes? Would one recommend a boy to grow up in a SJW environment? Would one recommend a man to get a Womyn’s and Gender studies degree?

Can you ever appeal your insect overloards? Have they ever shown you anything but totalitarianism and taking a mile whenever they’ve asked for an inch? Isn't this incels.is in a picture format below?

(Casandra truth, anyone? Theory - The prophecy of the insects from Saint Elliot, the Purifier becomes more true the passing day)

Let me tell you something: once you cuck out you lose your power. Language is all about visibility.

St. Minassian made himself newsworthy through his actions and he has propelled incel language to the mainstream. I’d add Nathan Larson to this, for he was so interesting in his speech that the media couldn’t avoid him. They couldn’t help but interview him. He got a platform and that’s more than most of us will ever get. Even add Egg White to that list since he got onto the Fifth Estate where they spread that "Alek Minassian" song - I hadn't heard it till the news piece, and I'm sure many didn't either.

If you can’t admit that you want people killed or that you're a rapist, pedophile, zoophile, sadist, necro, and so, then be edgy and larp as what you are. The result is the same. Those who like you will believe you. Those who dislike you won’t take you seriously. Either way, you will attract like minded people and you will gain a community where you can share ideas (even if some people are larping, or are even insincere with their larping, kinda like meta-larping)

With being honest or with being edgy, the site isn’t cucked and it’s up to normies to figure you out, and in doing so, they spread your word to all of their audience and relations. Take the "Milk thread" on Jbpill, it's just a cute little girl with milk on her lips, if you think it's cum or if you think that I think it's cum, well, who really knows? And that's the point. Same thing with CREATIVITY - Time to Go (ER) - sure, you can call the FBI and say that some random guy with an anime avatar is parodying a Disney song and that you don't like it, but is that really worth the trouble? Most likely, you've just spread the song more, and that's the point.

With being honest or with being edgy, you don't cuck out and you don't lose your power, and you spread your ideas.

The cuckening of incels.is will lead to is downfall.
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