No matter what you do or don't do with chicks, they'll have some objection to it


Hebephebophilic rapecel
Sep 4, 2018
People will say, "You don't have a right to hit a chick, or rape her. You can break up with her if you're having problems."

Yet, that doesn't work well either. Suppose you're fucking a chick, and then you dump her. If you were her first major relationship, she's basically never going to get over that. She's going to feel like you broke her heart. (Plus, tbh, you may not find as good a chick after that, if that was your high school crush or whatever.)

Or, suppose you're living with a chick, and dump her. She'll have to leave. She'll tell people that you basically kicked her out, even if she was the one saying maybe you should break up. It just gives her an easier time getting help when she's trying to find a new place and get settled and whatnot. She may even say you abused her and that's why she had to leave.

Another aspect of the situation with which they have a hard time feeling satisfied is how you're going to deal with them once they're gone. If you keep bothering her, that's harassment. If you keep thinking about her and she's aware of that, she'll say it makes her feel uncomfortable.

Yet, if you act like you're not thinking about her, then she'll say it means she never meant anything to you. So you lose no matter what you do.

All you can really do, is abuse them and prevent them from having any power to stop the abuse, and they'll adjust to it and find a way to be happy. At least then there won't be unresolved conflicts in the relationship. See also The Zeigarnik effect is a good reason to abuse chicks
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