Does the idea of rape really not sell well?


Hebephebophilic rapecel
Sep 4, 2018
Sometimes the clean and elegant solution is the easiest for people to understand and adopt. E.g., we can have a lot of economic problems, and conservatives and libertarians can say, "Let the market handle it." Of course, there will be many objections about how under laissez-faire, the plutocrats will control everything, and the have-nots will have not, but when we implement some other system, we still have a privileged ruling class and an underclass of have-nots anyway.

Same deal with rape. We can say, "Oh, some men will be disadvantaged," "some women won't like it," etc. but already under the current system we have a lot of unhappy men and women. Yeah, women would be disenfranchised from making their own sexual choices, but already a lot of men are sexually disenfranchised, so we have to ask, are those men less deserving of getting what they want than those women; and who would suffer worse, men if our current system were allowed to remain in place, or women if patriarchy were put back in place?

What about society's survival; what about justice; can we have a just society where women are allowed to accuse men of rape and be believed, and have those men lose their jobs without any proof (kind of like how the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia just had to quit his law firm because their investigation into whether he forced a chick to give him a blowjob was causing him to remain permanently on leave)? If we're not going to #BelieveAllWomen, then that means either men are going to get away with rape, or women are going to have to take some precautions against getting raped; but women would say, "That's fucked up that you would even propose that women need to change their behavior to prevent rape; it's men's job to not rape women."

That attitude tells you something about how women refuse to take responsibility. They want men to take care of them and do what's necessary to keep them safe from being raped by anyone they're not supposed to get raped by. They don't want to handle that responsibility themselves.

Well, I say we tell them, "Okay, we'll take on that responsibility, as long as you don't complain about how we execute it." And the way we would execute it under patriarchy is we would say, "Okay, this man gets to rape you, and other men don't" and that way everything is orderly and straightforward and simple; there's no ambiguity about whether there was consent or anything like that. She doesn't need to be put on the stand later and cross-examined about what happened, and how much she had to drink, and whatnot; it's just a question of, "Did her father sign the paperwork to give her over to this man to be his wife?" And if so, rape charges dismissed.

We could even say that raping an unmarried chick should only be considered a property crime, anyway, or a civil tort. Only having sex with another man's wife would be punishable (probably by death, of the adulterer; and then the husband could choose what should happen to his wife, since she's his property).

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