Daily reminder, if you let yourself become weak, your wife, who put up with your physical and sexual abuse all that time, will finally leave you


Hebephebophilic rapecel
Sep 4, 2018
Anna's story

My first husband was mentally and physically abusive and had a sexual addiction problem. I knew before we married about a family history of abuse. Once before our marriage, he threatened to kill us both in the car. I thought his behaviour would change once he moved away from his family, and for a very short time it did.

Before I gave birth to our first child, twice he again threatened to kill us in the car. After I gave birth, his mental abuse of manipulation, questioning my fidelity and stalking me escalated. After the birth of our second child, his sexual addiction was ignited and he began a series of affairs. Depression robbed me of my ready smile.
It was like walking on eggshells, but I loved him.
So far, so good! Looks like he's having a great time, using her to feed his sexual addiction, and taking measures to keep her under control. But then he fucks up:

His continual physical abuse ceased the day he belted me so hard I lost partial hearing in one ear and then he raped me. Afterward he felt remorseful and I was grateful for the cessation of physical abuse. Within months, I saw my children withdraw from their father.

In the final futile weeks I remained with him, I narrowly stopped him from a sexual advance on our daughter, and watched in horror as he threw a knife at our son.
See, he got weak. He started feeling remorseful, he stopped his physical abuse, he let his kids withdraw from him, he let his wife stop him from making sexual advances on his daughter, and he missed when he tried to throw a knife at his son.

My children and I all survived and undertook counselling after I demanded my husband leave the house for good and I began divorce proceedings one year later.
What a cuck.

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