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Hebephebophilic rapecel
Sep 4, 2018
The amusing thing about findom is that it's so contrary to nature that there aren't even words in our language to describe the concepts. E.g., the chick who's dominating the dude is called his "mistress". Normally a mistress is not the female equivalent of a master, but rather a side-bitch a dude keeps in addition to his wife. I.e., the mistress is actually lower-status than a wife, who is already lower-status than her husband.

Anyway, what I suspect it amounts to, is a recognition that there has to be sexual polarity in a relationship; and if the dude is not going to be her master (e.g. because he doesn't feel up to the challenge), then she has to be his master. In that sense, it's actually more honest and in accord with human nature than what people are attempting today, which is to have an equal partnership based on consent. Like patriarchy, findom at least has a clear chain of command; there is no need for fighting between the two spouses about anything, because there is a unitary decision-maker whose orders must be obeyed.

Findom is perhaps an attempt by the man to recapture what existed in the mother-son relationship, which basically worked the same way. He was his mom's pet, and she had ultimate control over everything; he was not allowed to own property, and she could spank him, and take away his allowance, etc. In exchange for having to put up with this degradation, he got unconditional love. Of course, husbands don't get that same kind of unconditional love from their wives, due to the lack of genetic tie that would give them a natural affinity; the closest they would have is pair-bonding arising from sex, especially from his taking her virginity, as well as memories they have together, etc.

Can't imagine, though, how in findom he'd actually be giving her tingles throughout any of this, unless he was actually the dominant one in the relationship, and she was actually truly being submissive to him. Let's suppose, for instance, the chick was able to sense whatever he wanted (e.g. whatever kind of degradation he was seeking) and then order him to submit to it. She would still be doing what he wanted. Maybe he would even behave in a way that would provoke punishment, the goal being to force her hand. Who's really in charge, then?

What findom kinda reminds me of, is something out of The Fountainhead. In The Fountainhead, there was a statue that was too beautiful to belong in this world, so the woman destroyed it. And there was a man who had too much integrity to belong in this world, so she sought to destroy him too. And, the way she sought to destroy him was by leaving him to be with the most loathsome guy out there, because she didn't want to make any compromises; she wanted to take stuff to its logical conclusion.

I suspect, too, that findom is the same way. Modern marriage has been corrupted and tainted into a parody of what it used to be. So findom just takes that corruption to its logical conclusion, and in that way is purified again, by becoming pure corruption. It is, at least, an orderly system, in theory; a clean and elegant system, a mirror image of patriarchy, kind of like how communism, while an inversion of capitalistic principles, has hierarchy in common with it; there are clear lines of authority; it's not anarchy. Findom, too, is not anarchy, although like communism, it could break down into it because the nature of the system is to devolve into chaos due to its being contrary to natural law.

I suspect, too, that findom is a perversion of the natural male (especially white male) desire for self-sacrifice. Many men would like to sacrifice themselves for some ideal, but what ideal can they do that for in 2019? They could join Antifa, but the police protect Antifa, so an Antifa member would be safe from getting attacked by the Alt-Right. A man could sacrifice himself for an ideal by joining the Alt-Right, because then he could be assaulted by Antifa, and doxxed, etc. But the Alt-Right only lets in men meeting certain criteria, which not everyone will meet. E.g., I couldn't join.

So what does a man do, then, to sacrifice himself? He has to find some perversion or another to support. Well, findom is one of those. And in a way, findom is low-key Alt-Right, because in seeing how findom plays out, and carrying it to its logical conclusions, one could see just how absurd feminism is, just like how in North Korea, one can see how absurd communism is, in how the system cannot even exist without massive subsidies from China.

Under findom, one can see that the man will actually probably be degraded more by the female than females would be under male rule, if it's truly practiced as it's supposed to; because there's not even actually anything all that degrading about anything a man could do to a chick, since she's already degraded just about as far as she can go just by being female; her job is, after all, to get jizzed all up inside and take care of a man's perverted desires. Under findom, a chick could degrade a man simply by making him do the same kind of perverted stuff he'd like to do even if he were in charge, the degrading part about it simply being that she's the one making him do it; e.g. she could essentially violate his body by putting her tongue up his ass, even though that's exactly what he might have her do under patriarchal BDSM. It's really all just a matter of context, interpretation, and how you look at it.

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