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    NeverBegan is the most bluepilled anti-incel site out there

    Yeah, I can't stand looksmax since it's almost like all the worst parts of the lookism all in one place
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    Ragefuel Why do good incel websites die off and terrible fakecel ones do very well?

    Have you read this: It’s kind of a cope to say, “Chad gets all the hot babes” I think it also reminds me of some of Caamib's posts? I know he's very much against lookism and is more about anti-society (or against the "society" we have nowadays)
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    My take on the abortion laws

    For those against abortion, I don't know why they don't take it to its logical conclusion? If it is called murder and infanticide then treat it as such. Life imprisonment for foid if it's maternal life in danger (and maybe also physical and mental health in danger too?). The former due to how...
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    Ragefuel Why do good incel websites die off and terrible fakecel ones do very well?

    I don't have any answers that have any factual grounding, but here are my random thoughts that I'm just typing now first thing that comes to mind is that there are way more "fakecels" than actual incels. sheer numbers game and legitimate incels are bound to lose out. My problem with this is...
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    NORMIE HYPOCRISY Society has already normalized incestuous pedophilic rapist through fantasy

    So to add to this post, just think about all the amazing different kinds of pornography not made with people (even though, as the above post shows, the simulated pedophilia, rape, and incest is running rampant and it's honest incels like us that are demonized). There is pornography with...
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    In Memory Of Pictures of saints

    Random thread but I really love these pics
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    /pol/ user does synagogue shooting

    Of course that's what I mean. There's no way that PewDiePie would support us but if killers make things he's done in the past linked to their beliefs it will force him to address it, and there's media attention wondering about "was he actually affiliated or not?" Too bad General Tarrant didn't...
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    Lifefuel If an incel raped a catholic woman and impregnated her there is a good chance she will have your child

    Sounds familiar to something I said back in the day, and I support it. Alabama's looking really good right now, indeed.
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    Pedopill The hypocrisy of gay prudes piss me off

    These fags are taking the arguments used against them and using it against pedophiles. It's unnatural It has to be between X and Y It validates and promotes the lifestyle (as if that's a bad thing) It's morally wrong It doesn't create a family It forces us to accept and tolerate It's against...
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    That's the thing I love about Ethnicels, or at least based non-whites in other countries. They don't accept degeneracy nearly as much as Western, feminized, liberal fag societies. Makes me reminded of Caamib's support for the Islamization of Europe.
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    Surreal Squashing bugs

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    Rapepill How a rapist might escalate himself to rape

    It's all about pushing boundaries and how you're constantly getting that thrill of pushing yourself to the edge - not unlike how many foids have rape fantasizes and want to try new things out (obviously with Chads). They're just as much pushing the boundaries as you, but when a foid does it it's...
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    Rapefuel Your daily dose of the rape pill

    The only rational reason to allow such possibility of rape is that you want it to happen. Like walking outside when it's raining but saying you're against becoming wet
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    Rapepill The story of your rapepill and how you found answers from it

    As much anxiety when I was first accused of "sexual assault" NeverBegan - The first time I was accused Back then I mentioned So I don't think I'd care that much. I might have felt bad about being labelled a rapist in reputation circles but if it never really affected me in real life then who...
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    LOL Generic Shool Schootings are such low IQ

    True, if you want just kill for killing's sake. But if you want fame and attention and one-upmanship of the previous hERo then you're best to do a school shooting. I'm sure even something as simple as a school stabbing in the name of incel would do more media attention that if you did some Isis...
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    DO you like energy drinks?

    Not really. I mean I have drunk them and I don't mind drinking them but I don't find them all that energizing or flavorful. I tend to like the citris ones
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    Colorado School shooting

    Typical jewery. Media probably realized they can't do a fearmongering gun-grab if they do non-school stuff.
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    LOL Generic Shool Schootings are such low IQ

    So if you're thinking of getting into the headlines due to some sort of event whERe you live, it's probably best you don't even try since this is 'Merica and shool schootings are a dime a dozen. No uniqueness? No manifesto? No grievance? If you have no story to tell then no one cares as...
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    Colorado School shooting

    School Shooting in Colorado Leaves 1 Student Dead and 8 Injured
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    CREATIVITY Let us know how you're spreading the blackpill

    I'm spreading the blackpill by existing. That's it. By showing that incels can be 20, 30, 40, and beyond or have killed themselves we are spreading the blackpill. Those lonely young teens in school know oldcels exist and that's enough to spread the blackpill. Fear you'll die a virgin if you...